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Plastic Bowls & Dessert Dishes


Dart® PresentaBowls® Clear Combo-Pak - 64 oz.

Dome lid provides ample room for high-mounded food items. Leak-Resistant perimeter seal prevents leaks from wet foods such as salad dressings and sauces. Unique Crystal-Cut design provides an upscale appearance and increases sidewall strength. Registered stacking platform provides greater stacking stability ideal for merchandising displays, and reduces falls and spills.  2/63/cs
Manufacturer Part#C64BCD
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Dart® Famous Service® Impact Plastic Bowl - 10 to 12 oz.

Add elegance to any meal with Dart Famous Service impact plastic dinnerware. The china-like finish and sturdy construction enhances food presentation, while the nonabsorbent, cut-resistant surface keeps sauces from soaking through. Decorative, yet functional, the rim design offers a sophisticated accent, while providing easy separation.  8/125/cs
Manufacturer Part#12BWWF
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