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C-Fold Towels


GP Acclaim® C-Fold Paper Towel - 10.1" x 13.2"

Economy towel designed to fit into a wide range of appropriate dispensers. Folded width: 3 5/8". Use Disp: 54701, 56601, 56620, 56630-01, 56640, 56650-01.

Manufacturer Part#20603
Add to Cart $60.05/CS

GP BigFold Z® Premium C-Fold Paper Towel - White

This towels unique fold allows for reliable, touchless dispensing of one fully-opened, absorbent towel, which reduces the number of towels used. Reduces risk of cross-contamination.

Manufacturer Part#20887
Add to Cart $65.39/CS

Kleenex® C-Fold Towel - 10.125" x 13.15"

A premium folded towel that fits into any C-fold dispenser. Soft and highly absorbent for efficient hand-drying and less waste. Meets EPA standards, FSC® and EcoLogo® certified.

Manufacturer Part#001500
Add to Cart $68.26/CS

Scott® C-Fold Towels - 10.125" x 13.15"

Made with Absorbency Pockets™ that absorbs lots of water fast, for superior hand drying. Fits into any multi-fold dispenser. Meets EPA standards; FSC® and EcoLogo® certified.

Manufacturer Part#001510
Add to Cart $55.51/CS

Empress™ C-Fold Towel - White

100% recycled; meets the EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste. Larger towel size and 2-ply construction increases absorbency. Deeply embossed for thickness and hand feel.

Manufacturer Part#HT240011
Add to Cart $31.23/CS

Morcon™ Mor-Soft™ C-Fold Towel - 10" x 12.5"

100% recycled content.

Manufacturer Part#C122MS
Add to Cart $21.32/CS