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Plastic Clear Cups


EMI Yoshi Party Bombers - Clear

Our Party Bombers have just what your party needs when it comes to specialty drinks. Pour 1 oz of alcohol into the shot chamber. Pour 2.75 oz of beverage into the outer chamber. Pack: 20/25.

Manufacturer Part#EMI-PBC
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Solo® Ultra Clear™ Clear PET Cups

Ultra Clear™ premium plastic PET cups will enhance your visibility with their crystal clarity and print capability. One lid size fits 16, 20, and 24 oz. cup sizes to simplify your operation and reduce storage costs.

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Empress™ Clear PET Cups

Made from an extremely clear, durable and tough material. PET is an odor and flavor resistant thermoplastic resin, meaning they will maintain the original flavor and aroma of food and beverages placed in them. PET cups are freeze, heat and crack-resistant, which helps make them one of the most popular plastic materials in the market.

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