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Floor Care Wood


American Sanders TimberClean™ Wood Floor Cleaner - Gal.

Water based. An effective all-purpose cleaner designed specifically for use on wood floors. Formulated to clean without leaving a residue. Can be used effectively with or without an auto scrubber. Moisture evaporates quickly to prevent water damage.

Manufacturer Part#713GL3
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Essential Satin Sport Kote® Wood Finish - 2.5 Gal.

Water-based urethane wood finish. Single-component formula, no mixing, no pot life and no mess. Excellent black mark, scuff and soil resistance. One hour dry time between coats. Play on it the next day.

Manufacturer Part#228SF
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Pioneer Eclipse® WoodStar™ Wood Floor Finish - Satin

For wood floors. Satin coating. An internally cross-linked, one component, water borne, commercial wood floor finish. 39% total solids. 32% non-volatile solids. UL classified.

Manufacturer Part#702FS
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Essential Sport Tack Dual-Purpose Wood Floor Cleaner - Gal.

A versatile, dual-purpose wood floor cleaner. It can be used for post prep cleanup or for daily cleaning and maintenance to ensure maximum slip resistance. Tacking cleaner and dust mop treatment.

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