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Dust Mops


P&G Swiffer® 360° Dusters™ Extender™ w/3 Dusters

Trap and lock dust and allergens with thousands of fluffy fibers. Dust Lock Adhesive traps and locks dust away for good.
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P&G Swiffer® Dusters 360 Unscented Refill - 6 ct.

Traps and locks dust and allergens. Thousands of fluffy fibers feature dust lock adhesive. Efficient cleaning solution is ideal for businesses as well as home.  4/cs
Manufacturer Part#16944
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Rubbermaid® Trapper® Dust Mop - 18" x 5"

Looped-end, balanced blend dust mop for general purpose. Pre-treated, pre-shrunk and fully launderable for long product life. Slip-on backing for easy setup. Yellow.  12/cs
Manufacturer Part#J152
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Rubbermaid® Wedge Mop Wood Handle & Metal Frame

For spot dust mopping in tight corners, under equipment or behind furniture. Trapper® looped-end or Kut-A-Way® cut-end triangle shaped wedge mops. Wood handle with heavy gauge plated wire frame fits either style head. Envelope-end backing style.  12/cs
Manufacturer Part#U110
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Tuway™ Flat Looped Dust Mop Pads

Traditional looped end microfiber dust mop makes mopping easy and efficient. Lightweight and super absorbent, these durable launderable mops offer superior cleaning and lint free productivity. Ideal for use anywhere a conventional looped dust mop is used. Microfiber 80/20 yarn blend, twisted loop weave. Polyester slant slip backing or nylon loop velcro backing.
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Tuway™ Super "S" Launderable Dust Mops

Durable, yet economical dust mop features long fringe throughout the surface cleaning area, for excellent dust collection. Applications: Daily dust mopping, impression areas, heavy soil areas, manufacturing areas. 100& polyester backing; keyhole w/ties (standard).
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