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Hand Stretch Wrap


Western Plastics HYBRiD80 Stiff Formula Micron Pallet Wrap

Available in various sizes.

Manufacturer Part#HYB46
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Western Plastics Pallet-Tite Stretch Wrap - 18", 80 Gauge

Available in various sizes. Hi-Performance Hand Wrap.

Manufacturer Part#PSF03
Add to Cart $75.06/CS

Western Plastics HandyWrap Stretch Banding Film-5",120 Gauge

Comes complete and ready to use with in-built Extended Core Handle. Heavy duty Film clings only to itself, securing product yet leaving no residue. 700' feet/roll.

Manufacturer Part#DSB03
Add to Cart $74.28/CS

Western Plastics Eco-Max Hand Wrap

Stiffer and stronger than conventional hand wrap. High resistance to stretch for superior load retention. Low percentage of width reduction (neck-down). All material premium quality clear film.

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Western Plastics Handy Wrap Pallet Stretch Wrap

On disposable extended core handles. Premium quality stretch film on disposable handles for easy application. Outstanding tear resistance, superior stretchability, & excellent cling. Lightweight & easy to use, comes complete, no assembly.

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Western Plastics Identi Film - 18" x 1500', Orange

Extended core handles. Tinted film.

Manufacturer Part#ORN18
Add to Cart $84.55/CS