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Masking Tape


Intertape® 513 Utility Grade Masking Tape - 48mm x 54.8m

Crepe paper, coated with rubber based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed primarily as an all-purpose product for non-critical applications. Interior paint masking, Silk screening, mail rooms, golf club shaft (build-up), school bids, and for light-duty bundling, packaging, splicing and tabbing. Thickness: 5.0 mils; Natural. Tensile lb/in.: 18.5; Elongation (%): 6.5. Adhesion to steel (oz/in): 47.  24/cs
Manufacturer Part#87201
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Intertape® 515 General Purpose Masking Tape

For everyday/general masking, sealing and holding. A general purpose, semi-bleached, crepe paper tape with excellent tensile strength & bonding properties. 5.5 mils thick, 23#/in. tensile. Elongation (%): 7.0. Adhesion (oz/in): 48.
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