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Bowl Cleaners


Pioneer Eclipse® AcidQuat 20™ Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner

Our strongest emulsion germicidal bowl cleaner. 24.7% HCI, for the hardest water and mineral conditions. Will not harm septic tanks. Ready-to-use.

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Warsaw Cling TBC Disinfectant Toilet Bowl/Urinal Cleaner -Qt

9.5% hydrochloric acid. Cleans as it changes color. Removes lime, hardwater stains, and urinary salts. Hospital use. Wintergreen fragrance. Detergent thickened, clings to vertical surfaces. EPA Registered, USDA: C2.

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Warsaw Subtle 4 Non Acid Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

Acid-free, one-step, ready-to-use hospital disinfectant cleaner that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses or fungi. Fresh scent.

Manufacturer Part#63256-0000012
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Pioneer Eclipse® Chloro-9 Blue™ Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

Clinging, disinfectant bowl cleaner that deodorizes as it cleans. Inhibited 9% HCI product for daily use without fumes. Formulated for use in health care institutions. Fresh mint fragrance.

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Clorox® ToiletWand™ Disposable Refill

Ready to go, all in one, more convenient way to clean the toilet. Single use sponge conforms and scrubs. Swivel motion provides scrubbing power. Easy storage, no drip, no mess. No assembly required.

Manufacturer Part#14882
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Clorox® ToiletWand™ Disposable Starter Kit

With a more powerful cleaning formula than ever before, it cleans what traditional brushes leave behind. Kit includes: 6 disposable refill heads and 1 caddy.

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Misty® Secure Bathroom & Washroom Cleaner

This highly specialized blend of detergents, wetting agents, and acid makes this bowl and urinal cleaner easy to use, fast acting and very effective for the removal of stains, mineral scale and organic matter. Product may be used to recondition badly soiled bowls and urinals or as a maintenance product for regular housekeeping. The removal of these soils and debris will keep bowls and urinals bright, clean and fresh smelling. The viscosity of the product makes it easy to use, reduces waste and aids in cleaning under the rim of the bowl.

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Professional Lysol® Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.

Kills staph, pseudomonas, E coli, HIV-1 (AIDS Virus) and other harmful germs on hard, nonporous surfaces when used as directed. Formula will not harm plumbing or septic systems. Angle neck bottle targets hard to reach areas.

Manufacturer Part#74278
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